wtorek, 25 czerwca 2013

Monster HDMI Cable 1000 HD

After our last review of HDMI Connection Lab cables we decided to test another as we use HDMI cables a lot. This time we have tested Monster 1000 HD. This has got the largest bandwidth, greater than 17.8 Gbps.  It is famous and popular and we decided to check whether it is worth its fame.

First of all, its price is really high.  We know we were convincing you that quality equals a proper price. But these cables seem to be really valuable.
Yes, they worked perfectly well but after trying 3D signals, the TV picture flashed on and off and was shaky. It took some time to set this, though, it finally worked. Beside initial problems they worked just as they should. Monster Cables’ housing is bronze, which is additional plus of their quality. They support audio, including Dolby Digital, True HD and DTS-HD Master-Audio. In general – the cables works well, with everything. Apparently, in comparison to Connection Lab cables they caused some problems though and this is the main difference, for minus!

Many websites will tell you to choose any HDMI cable available. We need to say NO to that again. More expensive cables = better quality and there is no denying this fact. More vibrant colours, a way better sound quality – these are all important factors that confirm the thesis that we should not pick among the cheapest items. But there is one thing worth realizing: not all more expensive cables are good enough. And it is worth to remember that we do not necessarily need the most expensive cables for home use. To be honest: Monster cables are good. Just as good as any other of their league.

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