piątek, 21 czerwca 2013

ConnectionLAB HDC-15 Premium 15m HDMI cable

Although some say that there is no difference among all the HDMI cables available on the market, it is obvious, in the long run, that there is a difference and it is really notable. We have checked ConnectionLAB HDC-15 Premium 15m HDMI cable for you. The brand is engaged in providing solutions in connectivity and audio-video technology and so it seemed it should be a reasonable choice. And it seemed well.

First of all, the greatest advantage of this product is the distance it can be used on. 15 mettre long cable is a huge facilitation as you do not need to add any extension cords to fit it to your interiors’ space. It has HDMI A-HDMI A connectors. The high-speed HDMI works very well and literally there were no slowdowns or whatsoever. The ConnectionLAB cables support Full HD 1080P Signal. 

 It is important to mention its quality, visible even before you use it. The metal plug is crafted so that it prevents all mechanical damages. We tend to forget how vital such details are in terms of technology, yet here is a reminder: quality matters. The HDMI cables have gold plated contacts to prevent oxidation and, although we have tested these for a short period of time, it is obvious that it will work. In terms of cheaper cables, well, you can imagine what will happen. Oxygen-Free conductor is yet another plus of this master-crafted item. The producer promises a durable mesh-shield and although it can be tested only in a very long term tests, we are eager to believe it.
The ConnectionLAB HDMI HDC-15 Premium cable just works and it works perfectly. No slowdowns, no noises or disruptions, no distortion of the view. HDMI is the future of audio-visual technology, we all know it. But never believe those who claim all HDMI cables are the same. This one may be one of the best and it’s worth its price.

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